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Essential Care and Cleaning Tips for Your Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

Hunter Douglas window treatments are renowned for their style, functionality, and minimal maintenance requirements. To ensure they continue to enhance your home beautifully, it's important to follow the right care and cleaning methods. Here's a comprehensive guide to keeping your Hunter Douglas products looking their best.

Regular Maintenance

Dusting: Regular, light dusting maintains the pristine condition of your window treatments. Avoid magnetic cleaners on light-dimming fabrics to prevent damage.

Vacuuming: Gently vacuum using a brush attachment. Most products should be vacuumed vertically, but Luminette® Privacy Sheers and certain Architella® fabrics require a different approach.

Compressed Air or Hairdryer For selected window coverings, a can of compressed air or a hairdryer on a cool setting can effectively remove dust.

Cleaning Household Products

Plastic Parts: For components like LiteRise handles, use soap and water, avoiding contact with the fabric.

Vinyl Slats: Mild soap and water are ideal for Palm Beach Shutters, but steer clear of ammonia-based products.

Wood or Alternative Wood Slats For products like Heritance or NewStyle shutters, dusting is the best method. Avoid using cleaning products.

If spot cleaning is safe for your product, use a mild detergent with a clean, white cloth.

Special Care Tips

Removing Bugs: Avoid using sticks or wands. Instead, gently blow pests out using compressed air or a hairdryer on a cool setting.

Cleaning Between Sheers: Use compressed air to blow away dirt and debris.

Dealing with Wrinkles and Creases in Luminette®

Steam Hand Method: Use warm distilled water and a clean cloth to blot the affected area, supporting the fabric from behind.

Steam Machine Method: Steam from the back side, keeping the wand a few inches away, and use slow, vertical movements.

Remember, Luminette fabrics are subject to variations, and minor wrinkles or puckers are normal. Pirouette® Fabrics

Avoid water-repellent additives like Scotchguard™, as they can damage Pirouette fabrics. Also, steer clear of spot cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, or injection/extraction cleaning methods for these material

Caring for your Hunter Douglas window treatments doesn't have to be complicated. By following these simple guidelines, you can keep them looking as stunning as the day they were installed. Remember, the right care not only maintains their appearance but also ensures their longevity and functionality.

For more detailed information feel free to reach out to us for any specific queries or assistance.


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